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writing and directing

Maison Mac 

as writer / co-composer

Workshop at Union Theatre, March 2024


Beth - Lucy Carter 

Cam - Luke Bayer

Duncan - Tim Oxbrow 

Alex - Jairus McClanahan 

Flo - Rob Madge 

Vi - Courtney Bowman

Ru - Sarah Freer 



Director - Martha Geelan

Writer/Co-composer - Sam Woof

Co-composer/Orchestrator/Arranger - Rudy Percival

Musical Director - Lewis Bell

Audio Engineer - Maxim Gamble

Videographer - ​Chewboy Productions

Watch the trailer here

Satyrs: Act One 

as director / librettist 

Susie Sainsbury Theatre, Royal Academy of Music

January 2024


Charlie - Tom O'Kelly

Jordan - Constantine Akritides

Dion - Margarida Vaz Neto

George - Mia Serracino-Inglott

Lila - Kennedy Blair Miller

Paren - Hera Protopapas Wettergren


Imogen Baker, Hannah Dienes-Williams, Sarah Marze, Austin Haynes, Sammy Mills, Finlay Bloore & Samuel Tang 



Composer - Toby Anderson

Director/Librettist - Sam Woof

Conductor - Archie John

DSM - Hani Elias

Watch the trailer here

Actually, Love

as writer / performer 

North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

Clapham Omnibus, London

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

July-August 2023


Stevie - Jordan Broatch

Alex - Sam Woof



Writer/Composer - Sam Woof

Director - Tomas Howells
Additional Musical Material - Livi van Warmelo

Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy

Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

Production Manager - Hollie Morrison 



'Will definitely make you laugh and may even make you cry.' 

★★★★ Broadway World

'Woof’s writing is funny, fresh, and exciting... with varied and catchy music' 

​★★★★ Lost in Theatreland

'A work of collective genius' 

★★★★★ EdFringe Review

Four Felons and a Funeral

as writer / director 

North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

The Other Palace / The King's Head, London

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

July-August 2023


Bex - Maddy Maguire

Millie - Gabrielle Friedman

Saz - Rua Barron

Wilf - Jordan Broatch



Writer/Director - Sam Woof
Writer/Musical Director - Math Roberts

Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy

Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

Designer - Sonya Smullen

Production Manager - Hollie Morrison 

'Complex and emotionally charged romcom that represents a new generation in musical theatre writing.' 

★★★★ The Stage 

'The acting is magnificent, the direction (and harmonies) tight. The staging inventive and ingenious.' 

​★★★★ Musical Theatre Review

'Woof's excellent direction and pithy, clever script' 

★★★★1/2 Reviews Hub

'A wonderful representation of found family, queer love and joy... a powerful and fun production, it delivers in every aspect' 

★★★★★ Broadway World

Don't Shoot the Albatross

as writer / performer 

Golden Goose Theatre, May 2022

ZOO Playground, Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Canal Cafe Theatre, December 2022

Vaults festival, April 2023

Writer/Performer - Sam Woof
Original Direction - Eleanor Felton

Canal Cafe Director - Lizzie Manwaring
Edinburgh Fringe Director - Sam Edmunds
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

'Sam Woof is a gifted writer and performer and it feels like we’ve witnessed something very special.' 

★★★★★ The Wee Review 

'A sharp script with witty insights into contemporary attitudes to sex and exploration of queer identities.' 

​★★★★ The Student

'Brilliantly insightful... a gem of a monologue... You shouldn't miss this.'

Tortoise Media

Maison Mac

as writer / director 

R&D at Royal Academy of Music, December 2022

Book/Lyrics by Sam Woof

Music by Rudy Percival and Sam Woof



Director- Sam Woof

Producer - Rudy Percival

Musical Director - Niall Casserly

Dramaturg - Lizzie Manwaring

Choreographer - Darcy Dixon


Emily Botnen

Lucy Carter

Job Greuter

Shamael Guy

Christine Kim

El Haq Latief

Petur Svävarsson


Recommended in the Guardian 

''Taking the witches’ boiling cauldron as a cue – reframes Macbeth as a thriller in a professional kitchen''

Don't Say Macbeth

as writer / director 

ZOO Playground, Edinburgh Fringe 2022


Diane - Emmy Briggs
Mati - Jordan Stamatiadis
Martine - Lya Luca
Matty - Oliver Stockley
Clare - Lucy Brindle
Frankie - Laura Delaney


Writer - Sam Woof
Writer - Màth Roberts

Musical Director - Màth Roberts
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

Sam Woof and Math Roberts 'know exactly what they’re doing with a showtune.'

★★★★ Musical Theatre Review '

A successful combination of musical parody, Shakespeare references and farce, Don’t Say Macbeth is what the Fringe is all about!'

★★★★ Broadway World '

Sex with Friends 

as writer / composer 

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe 2022


Marc - Sam Woof
Mel - Jordan Stamatiadis
Willow - Lya Luca
Ben - Oliver Stockley
Lily - Lucy Brindle
Jordan - Laura Delaney​

Workshop cast: Jordan Stamatiadis,  Lya Luca, Oliver Stockley, Lucy Brindle, Seb Harwood and Jairus Mcclanahan.


Writer - Sam Woof
Director - Emmy Briggs

Musical Supervisor - Livi van Warmelo

Musical Director - Màth Roberts
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

'Mark my words, Sam Woof is going to be a strong voice in musical theatre.'

​★★★★★ Musical Theatre Review

'The vocal talents of this cast are phenomenal.'

★★★★★ Lost in Theatre

'witty warm and at times wise'

★★★★ Broadway Baby 

'Sex With Friends is both a musical and theatrical success'

★★★★ Ed Fringe Review

'The score has a maturity that’s as refreshing as it is complex, packed with beautiful harmonies, tight lyrics and more than a couple of standout ballads.'

The Stage 


Smart Casual

as writer / director 

North Wall Arts Centre 2021
also Above the Stag and The Cockpit


Marc - William Foxton
Mel - Darcy Dixon
Willow - Grace de Souza
Ben - Henry Waddon
Lily - Ellie Cooper
Jordan - Jamie Murphy


Keys - Livi van Warmelo
Violin - Maz Sutton
Cello - Toby Anderson
Bass - Samuel Hopkins 
Kit - Oscar Lopez Lopez 

'This show has the ambition and potential to kick-start some star-studded careers.'

Daily Info

'Accurately captures what every graduate has experienced [...] and the universal experiences we all face growing up in our twenties.' 

​★★★★★ Ox in a Box

'The perfect balance of humour and heartbreak.'

​★★★★★ Oxford Mail


Writer/Director - Sam Woof
Musical Director - Livi van Warmelo
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear
Assistant Director - Imogen Albert
Assistant Musical Director - Caitlin Frank

Production Manager - Harvey Dovell
Stage Manager - Nicola Wright
Set Design - Joe Emmens
Costume Design - Natasha Squire 
Sound Design - Andrew Orr
Lighting Design - Sam Morley

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett
Marketing Assistant - Ava Vakil 
Graphic Design - Phillip Olney & Avery Mitchell
Photography - Bartek Grzesnikowski 

Merrily We Roll Along

as director / choreographer 

Oxford Playhouse 2020

Frank - Emilio Campa
Charley - Joe Winter
Mary - Maddy Page
Beth - Hannah Andrusier
Joe - Josh Cottell
Gussie - Grace Albery
K.T. - Ella Tournes
Scotty - Ellie Cooper
Tyler - William Foxton
Jerome - George Cobb
Mr Spencer - Joshua Clarke
Mrs Spencer - Ella Ditri
Terry - Alex Kitching
Bunker - Tom Foster
Minister - James Ng
Ru - Darcy Dixon
Dory - Gemma Daubeney 
Anchor - Issy Paul
Meg - Maggie Moriarty

"Sondheim's musical is full of catchy entertaining numbers, backed up by terrific direction and a strong cast" 

Ox in a Box


"The action is gripping from the outset... a stylish revival"

Oxford Mail

"An energetic cast that burst with animation and charisma, and a truly spectacular band"

Oxford Opening Night

Director / Choreographer - Sam Woof
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy

Musical Director - Math Roberts
Assistant Producer - Alasdair Linn 
Assistant Directors - Alison Hall & Henry Waddon
Assistant Musical Director - Yasar Cohen-Shah

Set Design - Mallika Joy
Costume Design - Maya Coleborne
Hair and Makeup Design - Cat Robinson
Sound Design - Andrew Orr
Lighting Design - Will Hayman
Production Manager - Imogen Albert
Stage Manager - Alice Williams
Deputy Stage Manager - Violet Mermelstein
Props Manager - Juliet Dowley
Marketing Manager - Lowri Spear
Photography & Videography - Callum John
Graphic Design - Django Pinter & Phoebe Bachsleitner 

Fine, Thanks

as composer / musical director

Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Savoy Theatre 2019

Savoy cast: Eliza Shea, Felix Mosse, Stevie Jeram, Yoav Besorai, Auryn Jones, Mallika Joy, Rosa Stilitz, Livi Carpenter, Barnaby Hartwill, Joe Hewetson, Charles Graff.

Edinburgh cast:  Lucas Rehman, Jonah Rollason, Saul Friend, Jake Blaisedell, Mai Hardy, Maddy Rose, Jake Levy

Assistant director in Edinburgh: Cameron Glynn

ASM in Edinburgh: Tor Catherall

Writer/Director: Connor Abbott

Composer/MD: Sam Woof

Producer: Rebecca Baxter 

DSM: Lucia Revel-Chion 

Movement Director: Jess Tran

"Thoughtful... confident... imaginative"

British Theatre Guide


"It deserves a standing ovation"

The Lancet

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